Art Creative Goddess Head Sculpture Succulents Pot Flower Vase Planter

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Product Descriptions

Features :

1. Ideal for home decor, bringing a romantic atmosphere of art and functionality to your patio, garden, or table.

2. Made of magnesium oxide and resin, it is very suitable for planting any type of plant or succulent plant.

3. The perfect way to add color and living space will give you an exciting planting experience.

4. Can be combined with different decoration styles to bring an elegant touch to your decoration.

Specification :

Material: Magnesium oxide and resin

Size: width 23 cm.X length 23 cm.X height 35 cm.

Weight: 4.5 Kg.

Color: grayish-white and light black

Scope: garden, porch, bedroom, bathroom, home office, kitchen 

Packing includes 1 x goddess flower pot

There are holes in the bottom, which can be planted, fleshy, and can be used as a flower arrangement.

The product does not include green plants and bouquets


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