Astronomy Planet Art Outer Space Wall Clock

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Modern Acrylic Wall Clock

Every second count! An exciting and practical accent in any room, this unique high-quality Wall Clock serves as a statement piece, creating a personalized environment. 


All clocks are made of 12 inches (30 cm) high-quality acrylic plate. Eco-friendly material. Gold Metal Clocks Hands Attached Powered by 1 AA battery (NOT included). Note: Please use a carbon battery.


We use high-quality silent floating balance mechanisms. We would not want to disturb your sleep. Your good night sleep is of great importance to us.


The clock is sent in a durable, aesthetic packaging made of recycled paper. Everything is professionally wrapped, we use styrofoam inside protective spacers in order for your product to withstand all the challenges during the shipment :). We make every effort to make your parcel reached its destination as soon as possible and unharmed.

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