Automatic Dog Water Bowl Corner Pets Feeder

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Product Descriptions 

Automatic feeder,500ml, or 200g dispensing water bottles and corner dog or cat bowl can feed up to Large Dogs. It can be fed to cats, dogs, and other pets. You can have more free time for other activities while your pets will be happy all the time they are wanting to eat.


  • Pets bowl will Automatic Continued water, drinking water will not cause pet Mouth- hair to get wet, can effectively prevent dust, magazine pollution water quality
  • Removable partition
  • Easy to clean Steel spring
  • Ensure even water storage
  • Replaceable water bottle.Suitable for all 28mm water bottle mouths 


Color: white
Product material: PP + HIPS
Product Size:
Single layer: L22 * W22 * H20.8CM
Kettle capacity: 500mL
Product package:1*Bowl 

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