Fresh Drainage Box Food Saver Containers With Lids For Kitchen Storage

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Looking for kitchen storage boxes? Wouldn't it be great if fresh ingredients could be rinsed and drained continuously in the storage container? After washing, do not have to wait to dry completely, the residual water will flow out all the time. It will be stored in the refrigerator or set aside after washing or preparing ingredients without worry. Because there are food storage boxes with drainage baskets and lids You can go to other work very conveniently.
In addition, the drain basket has a folding partition to put more than one item in a single box.

1. This product does not contain bisphenol A and phthalate. Keep you and your family healthy and safe
2. Slide the ventilation holes up and down to adjust the humidity of various fruits and vegetables.
3. The bottom can be drained directly


Material: PET + PP + TPR
Capacity: 0.48L, 1.7L, 4.5L
Temperature resistance: -20 degrees -120 degrees
Function: Wash + Drain + Keep Fresh
Product size (cm): Trumpet: 13.5*9*8.5cm
Medium: 19.8*13.3*11.4cm
Large size: 28*18*15cm
Product weight (kg): Trumpet: 0.21kg
Medium: 0.445kg
Large size: 1.006kg

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