Infrared Hair Regrowth Brush Vibration Scalp Massager Comb

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Product Descriptions

Features :

1. EMS and vibrating technology work together for effective import, promoting the absorption of hair care products.

2. Quickly activate the hair follicle root nerve and capillary, relieve brain fatigue, reduce mental pressure.

3. Relieve head pain, promote metabolism, maintain brain health, massage specific acupoints on the head to improve sleep quality.

4. You can add hair growth liquid or nutrient solution into the water tank, liquid will outflow with the vibration massage, nourish hair.

5. Energize the scalp from the source, reduce hair loss and dandruff, deeply care for hair and scalp.

6. Conform to ergonomic design, the handle is easy to grip, saving effort.

7. 15 minutes auto power-off, a humanized reminder of indicator light and voice reminder, upgraded using experience combined in this mini device.

Specification :

Item Type: Head Massage Comb Charging

Voltage: 3.7-4.2V Battery Capacity: 750mAh

Vibration Frequency: 7500pm Service Power: ≤0.75W

Charging Time: ≤3.5h Water Tank Capacity: 10ml

Using time: 15mins (15 minutes auto power-off)

Charging indicator: red light flashes while charging, the light constantly on when fully charged

How to use :

1) Anticlockwise rotate the ring till take it off.

2) Slowly add liquid into it. (the max. capacity is 10ml).

3) Clockwise tighten the ring before using it.

4) Long press the [ON/OFF] button for power on. It enters the default setting of ion import function + 1st gear vibration, with the infrared light on.

5) According to your need, press the [Vibrating] button for gear adjustment(3 gears available).

6) Press the [EMS] button for electricity adjustment(3 gears available). A white indicator on 1st gear flashes 1 time, 2nd gear flashes twice, 3 gear flashes 3 times.

Package includes :

1 x Head Massage Comb    1 x USB Cable     1 x Manual

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