Waterproof Electric Scalp Massager Hair Growth Promotion

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The scalp massager with head vibrating function is perfect for all types of hair from thick to thin, wet or dry, or curly. Massages your scalp to ease itchiness and promote blood circulation. Take the massager to treat your daily massage up with 4 separated heads to rejuvenate your skin, it can be used as a head massager, back massager, foot massager, shoulder massager, arm massager, hand massager, and waist massager, release much pressure; Operated & Ergonomically Designed - control the handheld massager with ease; The handheld massager is contoured to fit in the palm of the hand for extra comfort and control while providing a firm holding during use. Portable & Safe - Appropriate for people in all age to use anywhere, a good massager always treat you well at the home, office, or on the trip;  Water-resistance can avoid safety issue during a shower, but should not be submerged in the bath.

1: Upgraded version, curved handle, more comfortable;
2: Food grade silicone massage head, environmental ABS body, high-grade and luxury items;
3: USB charging, charge 2 hours, use 10 min a day, can last for 7 days;
4: Waterproof Scalp Massager featuring deep tissue kneading with personalized speed and pressure adjustment.
5: Separate massage heads, detachable for cleaning.
6: Small size, light weight, and easy to carry, suitable for home, office, and travel.


Item Type: Wireless head massager
Application: Head, Shoulder, Arm, Waist, Leg, foot
Color: White
Material: ABS+Silicone
Massage Head: 4 separate heads
Working time: 10 minutes of intelligent timing design
Size: 140*120*150mm
Weight with box: 600g
Power mode: USB charging type
Power: 5W


Package list:
1 x Waterproof Electric Scalp Massager
1 x Base

1 x USB cable(no charging plug)
1 x Manual

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